Catching Up

I know – I am a horrible “blogger”. But better late than never!

Time is just flying by these days – I am almost 29 weeks along, and we have since discovered we are having a baby GIRL! I was pretty much shocked when we found this out. First let me say we would have been thrilled having a boy or girl – all that matters is a healthy baby. That being said, we would have liked a girl because then we would have at least one of each. But I really thought the chances were better that we were having a boy. Not sure why other than girls are rare on Josh’s side of the family. And so I guess I just figured chances were higher of having a boy. Plus, having a boy already – it was harder to “see” myself having a girl. But nonetheless when we discovered the little one was in fact a girl – we were pretty excited!

Heres a few pics from my ultrasound back at 22 weeks – where we saw the big reveal:

And I have definitely “expanded” quite a bit in the last several weeks since I updated this blog! I’ve gained about 17 lbs so far – which is right on track, and I am down to going to the midwife every two weeks now – which will happen until about 34-36 weeks, at which point I will start going once a week until she arrives! We have another ultrasound next week (30 weeks) which will check her size, weight, and amount of fluid I have just to check progress. She’s measuring right on track so far, whereas Myka was always a week or two behind, so I am wondering if she’ll be a bit bigger?

Here are some recent belly shots to catch us up to now:

22 weeks

24 weeks

26 weeks

28 weeks


20 weeks.

4 1/2 months.


Time sure flies when you have a baby growing inside of you.  Yesterday marked 20 weeks and for me this seems to be the fun part from here on out. I have been feeling the baby move quite often now. Josh can’t feel it just yet, but I feel it several times a day, especially at night. Early on in my second trimester (right after 13 or 14 weeks) I had a lot of days where I felt nauseous and just not good. Then by around 18 weeks – that went away and I was just tired mostly. I’m still tired these days, and then have times usually once a day most days where I feel lightheaded and have to sit down. Other than that I feel pretty good…

Here’s a few new belly shots – first one is 18 weeks, second one is 20 weeks!

18 weeks

20 weeks

On June 24th (also our 4th anniversary!), right at 18 weeks, we went for our ultrasound where we hoped to get an idea of what we are having. The ultrasound was quick – we were in and out. Baby looked fantastic – healthy and measuring well. At that time baby weighed a whopping 7 ounces – which was in the 39 percentile – which is JUST fine by me. Myka was 6lb 12oz at birth and I am happy with another 6lb baby!

Everything measured well, the organs looked good, but due to baby’s position, we couldn’t get a good look at the baby’s heart chambers – or the “goods”.  Baby had it’s legs AND ankles crossed – stubborn like it’s daddy already. So we go back at our next appointment on July 20th for our 22 week visit where we’ll have another ultrasound and hopefully get a look then.

Where I go, there are several OB/GYN doctors, and then three “Certified Nurse Midwives” – nurse practitioners who specialized in obstetrics. I saw the midwives with Myka and am seeing them this time around too. So far I had gained 8lbs (probably a little more by now), and she said that’s right on track – but I feel huge for only halfway! She also said when delivery time nears, they’ll have to keep an eye on me because I had a speedy labor with Myka for it being a first time – so this time around is bound to go faster.

On June 21st we have an appointment with a Pediatric Cardiologist who will take a closer look at baby’s heart by doing a fetal echocardiogram simply because there is a history on Josh’s side. But it’s always reassuring to take a closer look and make sure everything is looking good.

Here are a few pics of our ultrasound a few weeks ago, baby was 18 weeks – pictures 1 and 3 are side views, and picture 2 is the foot:

The other day, Josh was putting in for his hunting quotas for this coming fall, and he asked me “Hey babe? So like, whats a ballpark time frame of when the baby will be here. Like, is there a range?”

I said “Sometime between now and end of November!” Although of course we don’t want that time to be anytime soon – but it was my sarcastic way of saying I have NO earthly idea! Turns out there’s a hunt the first week of November he was wondering if he should put in for – well, I just told him that realistically probably sometime in the last 3 weeks of November but babies have a way of coming when they want to come.

Although, I also told my Dad that I’d try real hard to keep the baby in until at least November 21st when he gets back from a boat trip…

Here are a few facts about baby this week:

  • Baby weights 10 1/2 – 11 ounces and is about 6 1/2 – 7 inches from head to bottom
  • Baby is swallowing the amniotic fluid often, preparing it’s digestive system
  • Baby can hear and recognize familiar voices, and can react to loud noises
  • Fingernails and toenails are growing
  • Hair is growing on the body such as on the scalp, and eyebrows
  • Baby sleeps for 12-14 hours of the day

If you know Myka, you know he struggles sometimes with anxiety. And sometimes it breaks my heart to see him worried about things that I know he can’t control.

This morning was one of those mornings. He’s doing Cub Scout day camp this week, and on Monday they did a swim test.


That’s a word that will make Myka panic right there.  He participated and said he had trouble with his backstroke. So on Tuesday they finished – and he said he didn’t do it. He couldn’t because he was “too nervous”. I’m sure a few tears were shed too.

This morning the tears flowed and he said he didn’t want to go to camp because he was afraid they’d make him do the backstroke. He said the lifeguard wasn’t that nice. That he didn’t want to do the test because he was afraid he wouldn’t pass, but he was torn inside because his little buddy has already passed. He doesn’t want to feel left out.

It’s normal anxiety but for him “normal” anxiety in other kids always seems much worse in him. Enough that he’d rather miss out on the whole day. Of course, he went. And we’ll see how his day goes, but I hate sitting here thinking that he struggling – I wish I could call and explain to them how he just needs some extra encouragement. Will that really help?

I don’t know. Watching kids go through life sure is hard on the heart.

The end of Nursing school, the beginning of my new career!

Graduation was May 6th and Edison College graduated 120 new nurses into the field.

This is Professor Lewis – she was the one who “pinned” me, and it was also special because she was the professor who taught my Fundamentals class and first clinical experience. She also helped me get a job as a Student Nurse after that first semester.

Me and my mom – who is also an RN. It’s because of her that I wanted to go into nursing!

Me and my Dad – such a proud day for him too!

My little man – he was waiting for this day for two years!

Hmmm – I think Josh was the one taking all the pictures. We didn’t get any of the two of us on my camera. After graduation was over, I could breathe a sigh of relief – but not a big one. I still had my board exam ahead of me. June 2 was the big day.

I had to go up to St. Pete to take my exam, so Josh and I headed up there the day before, took a “test drive” to the testing center, and then enjoyed some time with my dad. The next morning I had to be at the center at 7:30am and I was nervous, but I knew I had studied and practiced questions and I knew to expect the test to be hard. But the worst was still to come for me. I actually sat down to begin my exam probably around 8:15am. How the test works is you have a minimum of 75 questions, and a max of 265. You can pass or fail with any number of questions between that range. It was definitely hard. To be honest – I don’t even remember most of the questions I got. I’ve blocked it out of my mind for good I think.

So at 80 questions, the test shut off and told me my exam was completed. Still no panic from me. Yet. I really had no idea how I felt that I had done.

Then the worst part for me happened. The waiting game. Some people were finding out their results after 24hrs, others 48hrs. So as the first day went on my anxiety slowly started to rise. Thats when you really start questioning how you did. The next day I checked the Dept of Health website repeatedly. No results. Thats when I started wondering if I passed, or what if I didn’t!? It was horrible. Add in the pregnancy hormones and I was a mess.

Day two rolled around and by 48 hours after your exam you have the option to pay $8 and find out results from the testing company. Apparently the Dept of Health website was doing maintenance. So I spent the $8 and it was the best $8 I’ve ever spent.

I passed!

It’s 100% official now.

And to top it off, I got offered an internship in the Emergency Department – which is right where I wanted to be. So I can finally put those last two years behind me and look forward to starting my career. I start my internship July 13th!

Yesterday was Father’s Day, and I probably could have gotten this up yesterday but hey – better late than never!

I have to say that Josh is really an amazing DAD. Not just a “father” but a daddy who loves to have fun and do things and try things and experiment and just get down and play. I think he is really having fun with Myka at this age now because they can do things together like camping and fishing, BB-gun shooting, and building things. I remember a year or more ago Josh tried to get Myka to do some model rockets – and Myka was too scared that they would be loud. He never wanted to get one. Well this year when they were making one of their trips to the craft store – they conveniently wandered down the model aisle and lo and behold – there were the rockets!

And this year – Myka was all for it. I don’t know who was more excited – father or son…

Now they have built about 6 of them in the last few months and they continue to be a source of entertainment for all of us. Here are some pictures of the first official Rocket Launch.

You must first work before you can play…

Next, stuff the wadding in.

Don’t forget to add the engine!

Make sure the parachute is tucked in nicely.

Place the rocket on the launch rod.

This is the fun part. It’s all about power. And control. The countdown begins…



Then you go on the recovery mission.

Such a fun day – and I am so thankful Myka has such an awesome dad. I love my boys!

It has to be one of the greatest feelings – feeling a baby wiggle and kick inside your belly! It’s still early – and I think I felt it for the first time the night before taking my Nursing boards (more on that in another post), when I was just shy of 15 weeks. I *think* that’s what I felt – and the only way I know is because I remember the early feeling from when I was pregnant with Myka. Of course, with him, it was my first pregnancy and I din’t know WHAT to expect – and I felt those first movements more around 18  weeks or so.

I would say now about once a day I feel it, maybe a little more. I’m approaching 17 weeks this Thursday – and next Thursday, June 24th marks not only my 4th wedding anniversary, but the day that we will hopefully get to see if we are expecting a baby boy or baby girl!

I can’t wait!

So I thought I would share a few recent pictures – one of me at 14 weeks, and one at 16 weeks. You can start to see some major growing – and my days of wearing my pre-pregnancy pants are nearing an end. I have a few shorts that still fit but for the most part – it’s time to go shopping for some comfy (but still cute!) pants and shorts.

14 weeks

16 weeks

I can’t help it – I love getting things in the mail. Not bills, of course. They can KEEP those. But packages, those are what I’m talking about. And last week I got two in one day.

I. Was. In. Heaven.

In box #1 – my Photographers Workshop binder (and notice the personalized tag – cute!) I know, I know!  I’m super excited about this one. Thanks to some graduation money I received (post on graduation coming soon) I decided to do something I’ve wanted to do for a long time, and signed up for a photography class. I’ve had my Nikon D70s for several years now and 99.2% of the time I have shot on Auto mode.

In the last year I have really wanted to learn how to shoot Manual and really use this awesome camera to it’s full potential. With being in nursing school the last two years of my life I haven’t had the time to do it.

So now I did it.

And it starts June 21st and runs for 10 weeks. So I can’t wait – Karen Russel is the instructor, and I actually have “worked” with her in an indirect way several years ago when I owned the scrapbook kit club. She had some amazing products called “Narratives” and we used them for one of our first kits – way back when. She’s an amazing photographer – and I have heard nothing but amazing things about her workshop. This binder – seriously – is like 4 inches thick! And I hear by the end of the class we fill it up with tons of great info! I’ll be sure to post on here my progress and pictures!

In box #2 – my “Recipe for a Happy Family” mini album kit I ordered from Paisley & Polka Dots. When I saw this kit – I had to have it! And because of a “cookies” issue on my computer – I didn’t see it available on the day it was to be for sale. So I emailed the owner and she graciously had one put aside for me because they were almost sold out! What awesome customer service! By the way – they are sold out now BUT I think she may be getting more product in so if you want one – you need to run over there and contact her to see if/when she is getting some.

I’ve been in a scrapbooking rut for a few years now – and this is just what I needed to get started! I’ll post pics when I finish it – but it’s an amazing kit. Everything is already pre-cut, and the directions are fantastic. All I have to do is put it together and add my pictures. And wait until you see what she has for June – Father’s Day. I hear her stuff goes fast – like within a day. So needless to say I’ll be stalking her site when the June kit goes up.

So I called this day a great day because I got some awesome stuff in the mail. And no bills. Well maybe one but I put it in back in the stack and pretended I didn’t see it.